CELEBRATING SOUTHERN culinary expressions From texas to carolina…

Our love for food and all things southern moved us to take our combined culinary experiences from our personal enjoyment on to our friends and family, and to the public.

We live in the restaurant capital of America and we want to join in! Ultimately, our goal is a brick-and-mortar concept and we will get there; it is just a matter of time. In the interim, we want to share our food with you. Whether we are serving at a brewery, farmer's market, pop-up dinner, supper-club or kitchen takeover, we want you to enjoy the food and enjoy the journey!

Chris Jones (left) :: All things southern, all things BBQ. He has spent years manning his smokers and perfecting his South Carolina chopped-pork, Texas brisket, and dry-rubbed pork ribs. His motto: “I meat therefore I am.”

Brett Kerr (right) :: With an extensive background in restaurant catering, and country club foodservice, Brett loves the art of honoring the old southern favorites made new with flavorful selections in every bite.

From pop-up stand events in their “Rolling Restaurant” food trailer to large venue catering for weddings, corporate events, and charity functions, The Southern Stand Kitchen & Catering is your Houston go-to gastronome for full-service event planning.